Category: Vote Compass 2019

  • Proposition 2: Handguns

    I am strongly against guns and violence in every way. I realize it’s a means to an end in circumstances of defending your freedom, but carrying or owning personal firearms for the ‘purposes’ of self-defense or security just seems completely backwards to me. So, you’re probably thinking to yourself “Rob, why didn’t you put strongly […]

  • Proposition 1: First-time home buyers (FTHBs)

    As somebody who just bought a house in June, I know surprisingly little about what help the government offers to FTHBs. We didn’t qualify for the benefits that exist for FTHBs, since for my wife this is her second home purchase, and that meant that I didn’t even look at what would have been available,…

  • Making the CBC Vote Compass even better

    Preamble The CBC Vote Compass project has been around for as long as I can remember, and long before I was as politically aware as I am now. When I first started taking the Vote Compass ‘quiz’, it was the only real way of knowing where parties lay on a given set of issues, as…