iOS 9 First Impressions (from the future)

I’ve been writing part-time for MobileSyrup for a little over a month now, and since this piece is as topical as it will ever be, here is the writing sample I provided that got me started there. These are my predictions of what we can expect from Apple in the next version of their mobile operating […]

Voicemail, Feedback, Future Chat and Ottawhat? (April 15-21)

Lots going on at Unwind Media this week! I also finally closed down and moved that site over to this blog (which means that I now get a bunch of spam traffic here :(. I also FINALLY updated my voicemail message, which I also put online for your listening pleasure. In case it wasn’t […]

Future Chat #50 – Future Chat … In Spaaaace …

This week, Rob teaches Nick (and Mike) about the security of Apple Pay, we complain about the agglomeration of corporations in the Western World, and debate the future of human space research. #50 – Future Chat…In Spaaaace… #futurechat #science #tech #space #ApplePay — Future Chat (@FutureChats) February 23, 2015