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  • Attrell Update – Congrats to Crash Course!

    Attrell Update – Congrats to Crash Course!

    This week on +Attrell Update, I share some news about something I love, +CrashCourse! My favourites +vlogbrothers will be working with +PBS Digital Studios to bring you new science videos in the near future! I can’t wait! If you want to keep up with these videos, click on the “i” in the top right of the video and subscribe!

  • Attrell Update – Me on Media

    Attrell Update – Me on Media

    This week on +Attrell Update, I talk a little bit about how entertainment has changed for me, how we can all watch and enjoy different things, and how there is an audience and a niche for everybody in media. Is there something you love that most people don’t know about? Leave a comment and let me know!…

  • Attrell Update – Canada

    Attrell Update – Canada

    This week on +Attrell Update, I share some of my thoughts about yesterday’s attack. The scene in Ottawa was very calm and a solemn version of normal. I love this country. I took a lot of time to reflect and really think hard about what I wanted to say and show you. You’ll notice my video on Canada…