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  • Losing Weight Isn’t Hard

    Losing weight is easy, and let me tell you why (and how!). I have something to tell you that could either be unbelievably hard to believe, or possibly instantly understood, depending on your own experiences. I’ve been talking a LOT about my weight and my health in the last 3 months or so, and I’ve […]

  • Things to look for when buying a laptop

    I’ve bought many computers, and I’ve helped friends shop for many more. They don’t always take my advice, but when I do, they’re generally happiest with the following things: Must Haves 8GB+ of RAM Newest or 2nd newest generation Intel processor More than 1366×768 px display Battery life rated for more than 4 hours (preferably…

  • Listening Party Volume #6 – Kal Penn on the Nerdist Podcast

    Listening Party Volume #6 – Kal Penn on the Nerdist Podcast

    The Nerdist Podcast For the last year or so, I’ve had the Nerdist Podcast in my player. They do 2-3 podcasts a week with comedians, entertainers and cool Bills like Bill Nye and Bill Gates. If I know the person they’re talking to, I’ll listen to the show. This week, Kal Penn (of Harold and…