Tag: Reflection

  • Self-Improvement


    I’m going to talk to you today about self-improvement. As somebody who makes a lot of stuff and then puts it on the Internet, it is very easy for me to look through my “back catalogue” and see that the thing I did two months ago is just TERRIBLE. I can’t even bother comparing my […]

  • Push vs. Pull

    Push vs. Pull

    For those of you who don’t know, I have been sharing videos back and forth with my sister on YouTube since the end of March of this year. Our YouTube channel is called +Attrell Update, and I bring it up for two reasons, maybe even three (we’ll see how far I get). Point 1: Push vs.…

  • The World’s Most Honest Cover Letter

    The World’s Most Honest Cover Letter

    I really despise writing cover letters in 2014. For online applications, they are worse than useless. If you already know the person doing the hiring, or have a reference/connection, they are probably not even read. If you don’t already know the person, you have NO idea what to say that might compel a complete stranger…