Author: Rob Attrell

  • You should be able to use TMs during Pokemon Go Community Days

    I have never posted about Pokemon Go on here before, and it’s possible once I start, I’ll just never stop. However, what happened this morning hits in just the right way to scratch all my itches, and that’s what this website is about. I posted the following on Reddit last night, and for reasons I…

  • COVID Alert is now publicly available! [Links]

    You can download the COVID Alert exposure notification app in Canada now! It’s available on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store. See more details of how it works and what it looks like in my older post when I started using the beta:

  • Here’s What Canada’s ‘COVID Alert’ app (beta) Looks Like

    [UPDATE – July 31]: The app is now publicly available. Go get it! On Wednesday, Health Canada finally released a beta (test) version of the Canadian ‘COVID Alert’ exposure notification app. I have been waiting for a couple of months to finally be able to get this set up once Apple and Google announced they…

  • 3 Things: WFH Edition

    Obviously, I would pick: Fast internet Multiple monitors Good chair

  • Happy 2nd Birthday Evie! 🥳🎉🎂

    Today is Evie’s 2nd birthday. In case there were any doubts she’s my daughter, check out this picture! We had such a good time celebrating her birthday today (and getting out on the bike), and Julia made a delicious pink cake that was so good!

  • Let’s walk through the opening sequence from Austin Powers 3

    Since we’re all spending some more time than usual twiddling our thumbs right now, it’s a good time to check out some light-hearted, relatively short YouTube videos. For today, here’s the director of Austin Powers 3: Goldmember, describing the process, reasoning, and storyboarding of the long, really fun opening sequence of Goldmember. Check it out!

  • Features I’m looking for in an instant messaging client

    I’ve spent far too much time lately trying to convince people that giving new things a shot is a worthwhile endeavour, especially when it comes to instant messaging apps. Recently, I was led down the path of discovering Skype again, and then ended up tangentially researching pros and cons of that and other messaging services.…

  • Skype is Good Again

    This post is all about how I came to start using Skype early in 2020 after more than 10 years away. We’re going to get to the reasons why, but first, I think it’s important to go back and figure out how we got here. If you don’t need convincing, you can catch up with…

  • The making of the Seinfeld intro

    I had no idea this is how the Seinfeld theme was made. From the custom keyboard sounds, both with bass and mouth sounds, to the playing along with the intro differently depending on the cadence of each joke. I guess I have to rewatch Seinfeld again now! Bonus points in my mind go to Forgetting…

  • Merry Christmas 2019!

    I hope you’ve had a really great year! Our family has had its ups and downs over 2019, but we’ve come through it with some big changes and a positive outlook on the year(s) to come! Evie celebrated her first birthday back in April, and she continues to surprise us every day with new words…