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  • My 2016 (As of January 29)

    My 2016 (As of January 29)

    When I set out to make more in 2016, I did so with the goal of finding work and fulfilling my creative pursuits. It’s only been 29 days so far this year, but I have already learned a ton from this experiment. I’ve been taking more pictures, making all kinds of podcasts, and writing every…

  • Ottawhat 89 – Mike Holuj (January 28)

    Ottawhat 89 – Mike Holuj (January 28)

    This week on the podcast, we met our new Ottawhat News writer, Mike Holuj. He’s a pretty cool, and seemingly very busy, dude.

  • 6 Months of Weight Loss (January 27)

    6 Months of Weight Loss (January 27)

    This week, unless something goes horribly wrong, I will formally hit the goal weight that I set back at the end of June. This doesn’t technically count as ‘making something’, but it definitely took a lot of work. Anyhow, writing about it and posting about it and talking about it all the time has been…

  • Damien bowls a strike! (January 26)

    Damien bowls a strike! (January 26)

    I missed a day. Well, I didn’t miss it, but I certainly didn’t post anything here about what I did. I don’t really feel bad about that, because I’ve been making so many things this year that I don’t feel the need (or sometimes, make the time) to write about all of my projects here.…

  • Future Chat 86 – We’re Taking on Vox (January 25)

    Future Chat 86 – We’re Taking on Vox (January 25)

    This week on Future Chat, I talked a lot about the latest stuff going on in and around space (there’s a lot), and Mike and Nick brought me up to speed about mobile news and CRISPR respectively.

  • My ‘New Media’ Obsession (January 24)

    My ‘New Media’ Obsession (January 24)

    These are just a few of the shows I used to watch. News broadcasts, TV shows, movies, podcasts, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, editorials, thinkpieces, press releases. There are so many different kinds of media, and there’s more than any one person could ever consume of any one of them. There are also sciences, sports, arts, technologies,…

  • I freaking love sunsets (January 23)

    I freaking love sunsets (January 23)

    I’ve mentioned before that I like sunsets. When I have a day where I’m not really making anything, sometimes I just have to look up and see the beautiful colours a setting sun can give me. If you don’t like sky pictures, I’m sorry, because I do. These pictures were about 7 minutes apart, as…

  • Feedback 8 Video | Electric Love (January 22)

    Feedback 8 Video | Electric Love (January 22)

    For episode 8 of Feedback, which came out last week, Damien and BL played Electric Love by BØRNS! I really try to capture what it’s like to have these guys play for you from 5 feet away when I’m working on capturing sound and video, and it really helps that they’re just so good at…

  • Ottawhat 88 | Kelly Ann Wilson (January 21)

    Ottawhat 88 | Kelly Ann Wilson (January 21)

    On the Ottawhat podcast this week, we interviewed singer-songwriter Kelly Ann Wilson. It was really cool getting a look at the process of performing and putting an album together in a musical family, and hearing from somebody who has spent her whole life in what I’ll call ‘rural Ottawa’. Kelly Ann also debuted her latest…

  • A downtown sunset (January 20)

    A downtown sunset (January 20)

    I love taking pictures so much, and when I stepped off the bus yesterday, the sky looked absolutely gorgeous. I love looking at the sky, and around sunrise/sunset the colours are just unbelievable. I’m not normally able to capture the glory of the sky in such detail with my phone, but things just worked out…