Tracking My Weight

My starting weight (as of July 1st, 2015): 250 lbs

This chart tracks my weight starting in July of 2015. I accomplished my long-term goal of 210 pounds on January 28, 2016, and my latest goal is to stay below 195 lbs. I imagine that will end up being the hardest part of this.

About this project:

This is my weight (in blue), along with a weighted average of the previous 30 days (in red) to make the trend less erratic.

I’m not really trying to lose weight per se, I’m trying to use portion control and exercise to be healthier, and this is a handy measurement analogue for health. I haven’t really changed WHAT I’m eating too much (other than my adventures with Soylent), but I biked a lot (while I could), and I’ve been taking much better care of portion control.

Follow along as my experiment continues, helping to keep me on track to better health!