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  • Things to look for when buying a laptop

    I’ve bought many computers, and I’ve helped friends shop for many more. They don’t always take my advice, but when I do, they’re generally happiest with the following things: Must Haves 8GB+ of RAM Newest or 2nd newest generation Intel processor More than 1366×768 px display Battery life rated for more than 4 hours (preferably…

  • Attrell Update/Ask Rob – What’s the Deal with Coffee?

    Attrell Update/Ask Rob – What’s the Deal with Coffee?

    This week on +Attrell Update, I finally get to another #AskRob question from Nick Maddox about coffee. Check it out and ask your own question at http://blog.robattrell.com/askrob. I’m answering these questions as fast as I can! +Stephanie Attrell, when can I expect your next video?? If you want to keep up with these videos, click on…

  • Future Sci Chat #12: GMOs

    Future Sci Chat #12: GMOs

    This week on Future Chat, we talked about genetically modified organisms, and we tested a more robust way of recording audio. Subscribe via RSS, on iTunes, or on Stitcher Radio to check it out.Future Sci Chat #12: GMOs