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  • East Meets West Returns Triumphantly, And Other Such Things

    On UnwindMedia.com this week, I finally managed to convince Nick to sit down with me for another East Meets West! Thank goodness beer exists to help make that happen! We also had great episodes of Future Chat and Ottawhat? as you’d expect, and those were no slouches either. I should note that in Future Chat, […]

  • Ottawhat #40 – David Narbaitz (Monopolatte)

    David Narbaitz is the founder and owner of Monopolatte, the first board game cafe in Ottawa. Episode #40 – David Narbaitz (of @Monopolatte) http://t.co/2rgVLDR8de #ottcity— Ottawhat? (@ottawhatpodcast) February 19, 2015

  • Future Chat #49 – The Great Stench Debacle

    This one got a little crazy…This week, we discuss the future of electric cars some more, decide if inappropriate drinking will save, or bring down our civilization, and endlessly debate the… #49 – The Great Stench Debacle via Future Chat – This week, we discuss the future of electric cars … http://t.co/X9qS8DDHmW — Future Chat […]