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  • How to Turn the Page (on Life)

    I’m not sure there is a wrong way. This week, I learned that I will be entering a new chapter in my life. For those of you who are following me on social media, you will probably already be aware that I found out that my contract at NSERC, where I’ve been working for the […]

  • What’s my weight again?

    Future Chat is on hiatus this week, while Mike schmoozes with Disney characters in Orlando, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to announce this week! I’ve decided to take my health changes even more seriously, and give you real-time (daily) access to how my health changes are impacting my weight. I’ve never done…

  • How to make slow and steady progress

    People ask me from time to time these days: “Rob, do you think you will regret keeping people updated on your weight from week to week?”. To those people, I say “Maybe…but if it stops changing in a healthy direction, I’ll probably just stop talking about it.” For the time being though, my not so…