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  • New Polished Chrome

    New Polished Chrome

    That’s fancy! Well, it’s finally here. The new look for UnwindMedia.com is ready to go, and you can go and take a look now! I am really happy with how it’s turned out, and it is now quite a bit easier to see information about the shows on the network. I’m getting married this weekend, and […]

  • Website 2.0 is in Private Beta!

    Website 2.0 is in Private Beta!

    Unwindmedia.com 2.0 is almost upon us! As I mentioned yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, there’s a medium/big re-skin of UnwindMedia.com coming very soon. I’ve been researching podcast network websites and taking cues from some of my favourites, and there’s also some brand new custom code pulling strings behind the scene to make adding new shows…

  • #ABpoli, Orange Crush, and Archives (Unwind Media | May 20-27)

    #ABpoli, Orange Crush, and Archives (Unwind Media | May 20-27)

    It was another full week on Unwind Media, and I’m happy to let you know we finally recorded another episode of East Meets West, discussing, among other things, the recent NDP sweep of the Albertan Provincial government. If you still haven’t gotten your #Taylorette1989 videos out, or at the very least shared your stories, now…