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  • Future Chat #49 – The Great Stench Debacle

    Future Chat #49 – The Great Stench Debacle

    This one got a little crazy…This week, we discuss the future of electric cars some more, decide if inappropriate drinking will save, or bring down our civilization, and endlessly debate the… #49 – The Great Stench Debacle via Future Chat – This week, we discuss the future of electric cars … http://t.co/X9qS8DDHmW — Future Chat…

  • The Problem with Blackmail – Thought of the Day

    The Problem with Blackmail – Thought of the Day

    This Sony hack and media frenzy around the un-release of The Interview this Christmas Day has got me thinking. The hackers have now sent Sony a new message thanking them for cancelling the release of their movie “The Interview” and saying that they will keep all of Sony’s stolen intellectual property to themselves unless the…

  • Attrell Update – Gorillas, Guns and Going Nose Blind

    Attrell Update – Gorillas, Guns and Going Nose Blind

    This week on +Attrell Update, I talk about human filters, why we need to talk about important things, and ponder the future of Attrell Update! If you want to keep up with these videos, click on our picture in the top right of the video and subscribe! On Monday, Steph gave some advice on trying to…

  • Why Gay Matters

    It’s tiresome to hear again and again in the news about so and so coming out as gay or lesbian. There are three main ways to react to this news (spoiler alert: only one of these reactions is worth talking about): You don’t care if people are gay, straight, or anywhere in between. You’re happy…

  • iCloud Incognito Mode

    iCloud Incognito Mode

    I recorded this video on February 6th, 2014. Seems almost prescient, and I still think it’s a good idea. Maybe something Apple was already planning to announce? Only next week will tell!

  • Who Am I…and What Can I Do?

    Who Am I…and What Can I Do?

    There is substantial scientific evidence showing that nature and nurture (ie. genetics and environment) both play an important role in determining our personality, intelligence, and our tastes as adults. That being said, I thought it would be interesting for me (and hopefully for you) to look back at where I came from, and how it…

  • Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality

    Source So, let me get this straight…network carriers in the US, like AT&T and Comcast, are NOT allowed to slow down network traffic in exchange for higher rates, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with SPEEDING UP specific connections for a fee? How in the world could anybody not see that as the same thing?…

  • Friends in a Digital World

    Friends in a Digital World

    I’ve been told throughout my life that I don’t have many friends. I’m certainly not one to mind being characterized in that way, but I started wondering if that is actually true, or even if there is a tiny bit of truth to a statement of that nature. I’m sure there are lots of people…

  • We Are The Future

    We Are The Future

    I have written before on the idea that we can all learn very important life lessons from our parents, and how it is important to let our elders influence and shape our relationships and understanding of the world. I made the argument here that there is no real need to take what our role models say…