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  • Applying for a Job (January 6)

    Applying for a Job (January 6)

    Some days, you spend hours with your face right in front of a computer monitor, but at least there are ends-of-day like today that make it mostly worth it. I would love a job where my Chemistry, science and technology skills and knowledge are required, but my job search focus right now is in communications…

  • Preparing Soylent for best results (January 5)

    Preparing Soylent for best results (January 5)

    I have a serving of Soylent most days, and I’ve gotten the consistency of making it properly down pat. If you’re considering trying it out, or you have tried it and don’t like it, give this method a shot and let me know what you think. The taste may not be for everyone, but it’s…

  • Future Chat 83 | You’re Just Buying A Bucket (January 4)

    Future Chat 83 | You’re Just Buying A Bucket (January 4)

    This week’s show was a smorgasbord of tangents and divergences. We talked about water, coffee, cell phone data plans, and hockey.

  • Weight loss, and Fake It returns (January 3)

    Weight loss, and Fake It returns (January 3)

    Fake It is back! Learn a little about my weight loss in 2015.

  • More than I can chew? Nah… (January 2)

    More than I can chew? Nah… (January 2)

    One of the first things that happens when you start a big project with repeating deadlines, like a challenge to make something online every day for a year, is realizing just how much work it’s going to be. Yeah, I can write something on January 1st, and hit publish, but Day 1 is literally going…

  • Making More of 2016 (January 1)

    Making More of 2016 (January 1)

    The last few years of my life have been the best so far by a wide margin. On its own, 2015 was an incredible year for me, and I’m lucky to have been able to ring in the new year with *many* of my very good friends! Thanks for ringing in the New Year with…

  • Milestones! Gains! Losses!

    Milestones! Gains! Losses!

    That’s a lot of views (I’m just one man)! It’s been far too long since I last wrote something on here, and given that a whole heck of a lot has happened in the last month! First up, around the time of the writing of this post, my blog is going to pass another base…

  • Soylent Friday: Day 3

    Soylent Friday: Day 3

    Wow, the last three days have been crazy. Here are my live-blogs from Day 1 and Day 2. Follow the Day 3 story below: 5:40 PM Fri.: Going to see a movie tonight! I will probably get something like pizza or a hotdog, but I usually get both. I am pretty hungry, but I’m “saving”…

  • Day 2 Of My Soylent Adventure

    Day 2 Of My Soylent Adventure

    For some context, yesterday was the first day I tried the futuristic food product called Soylent. It is a food product, not a supplement, so you can survive off this stuff. You can check out my experiences on Day 1 right here, and below, you’ll find my thoughts and feelings, and calorie math about Day…

  • My Bus Driver Rocks

    My Bus Driver Rocks

    Your typical, run-of-the-mill OC Transpo bus. I couldn’t start the day off right without telling this story. Obviously, everybody has bad experiences with bus drivers sometimes. This isn’t unique to Ottawa, or Canada. Sometimes you catch somebody in a bad mood, and there are probably drivers who revel in the fact that people get upset…