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  • East Meets West 13 – No New Tim Hortons

    This week on East Meets West, Nick and I had another fun hour talking about new rules in the Senate, our recent string of underemployment, and the ridiculous political treatment of refugees by governments. I always have fun talking to Nick, and even though we’re both nowhere near our possible career potential at the moment, […]

  • A Big Day

    It only makes sense that exactly three years (to the day) after doing my very first video on YouTube, I would cross the threshold of actually earning real money from Google. Let me tell you the story. For a little over a year, starting on July 4, 2011, I had been writing on my blog…

  • East Meets West 12 – My Eyes Are Up Here

    On East Meets West, Nick and I talked about Canada’s new Cabinet, how our applications to the Liberal Party are going, and follow up our conversation on toplessness. The episode makes me pretty happy.