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  • So…Cold-fX is BS

    “The study actually showed the placebo to be more effective at relieving (some) cold symptoms than Cold-fX.” In something surely nobody could have seen coming, it looks like there’s a non-zero chance anybody who purchased Cold-fX as a cold or flu remedy could be able to join a class-action suit in order to get some […]

  • 6 Months of Weight Loss (January 27)

    This week, unless something goes horribly wrong, I will formally hit the goal weight that I set back at the end of June. This doesn’t technically count as ‘making something’, but it definitely took a lot of work. Anyhow, writing about it and posting about it and talking about it all the time has been…

  • How to make slow and steady progress

    People ask me from time to time these days: “Rob, do you think you will regret keeping people updated on your weight from week to week?”. To those people, I say “Maybe…but if it stops changing in a healthy direction, I’ll probably just stop talking about it.” For the time being though, my not so…