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  • Another Positive OC Transpo Experience

    Three years ago, I shared a story that was similar to this, and I like to point out when somebody clearly really cares about their job and makes my day better because of it. I know, not all bus drivers are amazing, but I think it’s worth recognizing when you have a really positive experience. […]

  • Feedback 8 Video | Electric Love (January 22)

    For episode 8 of Feedback, which came out last week, Damien and BL played Electric Love by BØRNS! I really try to capture what it’s like to have these guys play for you from 5 feet away when I’m working on capturing sound and video, and it really helps that they’re just so good at…

  • Feedback 8 Video | Ex’s & Oh’s (January 16)

    This week, Damien and BL performed Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King, as part of episode 8 of Feedback. This is a great cover of a really catchy song! Today, you can also go and check out the music from Feedback Season 1. Go check it out, you’ll be able to support Feedback, get Bl and…