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  • Feedback 8 | Pre-production (January 15)

    Feedback 8 | Pre-production (January 15)

    This week, episode 8 of Feedback was released! We discussed pre-production for the upcoming Sons of Pluto EP, and talked more about life as a part-time artist. We also made a special announcement about the music from Feedback. Go check it out, you’ll be able to support Feedback, and listen to all the great songs […]

  • Feedback 7 – Starting Something (Season 2)

    Feedback 7 – Starting Something (Season 2)

    That’s right, Feedback has finally returned for its second season! We had a great 6 months off, and we’re back in style with 2 new songs, and a lot of healthy discussion about the upcoming EP from Sons of Pluto. We also talked about some of the new music we’re into these days. I missed…

  • Damien’s Incredible Mouth Skills

    Damien’s Incredible Mouth Skills

    My good friend and co-host of the soon-to-be returning music podcast Feedback has a very particular set of skills, namely the ability to do a number of incredible things with his mouth. Among them, he can accurately replicate almost any sound nearly perfectly, including, as you’ll hear, a drop of water. This blew my mind,…