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  • The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory – Pop Culture Detective

    Pop Culture Detective just keep bringing up such great points of oddly misogynistic characters and story-lines in popular culture, that I can’t help but pick up exactly what they’re putting down, and examining new TV and movies I watch with a more thoughtful view.

  • A list of the apps on my phone that can make calls

    Doesn’t require phone number: FaceTime Phone Contacts Facebook Messenger Snapchat Google Hangouts Messages Whatsapp Can/does use your phone number: Phone FaceTime Messages Chrome Safari Mail Notes Announced, but hasn’t shown up yet: Slack As it turns out, pretty much every remotely social company has a way that people can talk to one another in a…

  • The “Honeymoon” Phase of #JuliaRoberts2015

    The “Honeymoon” Phase of #JuliaRoberts2015

    Getting married has honestly been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. The idea of committing ones-self to only one other person for the rest of your life seems like the kind of thing that would be terrifying, but so far I have been completely fine with it. “The One Where They Got…

  • Bliss (The Aftermath of #JuliaRoberts2015)

    Bliss (The Aftermath of #JuliaRoberts2015)

    Wow. There is nothing like a wedding to make a guy feel loved. I have about a billion thoughts and feelings going through my head right now, and I need about 4 more hours of sleep than I got last night, but it has all been so incredibly worth it. I’m going to need several…

  • Feedback wraps Season 1, and #Taylorette1989 hits Phase 2 (Unwind Media | May 14-20)

    Feedback wraps Season 1, and #Taylorette1989 hits Phase 2 (Unwind Media | May 14-20)

    ‘Twas a busy week on +Unwind Media! We wrapped Season 1 of Feedback, which means Volume 1 of Feedback: The Music can’t be far off! As well as regular episodes of Ottawhat? and Future Chat, the next phase of #Taylorette1989 launched. I’m looking for a video or story about what’s special about my fiancée Julia,…

  • On Memory

    On Memory

    It’s been a while since I did a good old fashioned blog post. I’ve been doing a lot of hard-core thinking about big ideas the last couple of years, trying to figure out the best way to explore my thoughts on things that are really important to me but are hard to talk about in…

  • This Week in Unwind Media (March 10-16)

    This Week in Unwind Media (March 10-16)

    This week on Unwind Media, I finally sit down with Damien and BL for another episode of Feedback! You can see them perform their cover of Uptown Funk, and we talk about all manner of musical history in episode 4. +Future Chat is still on hiatus for another 2 weeks, but now is the perfect time…

  • Feedback #2 – Songwriting

    Feedback #2 – Songwriting

    Feedback #2 – Songwriting Feedback is a monthly music podcast on Unwind Media with local musicians Damien and BL from Sons of Pluto. In this month’s episode, we discussed the song-writing process, and talk about some of the best and worst things about coming up with new music.

  • Ottawhat #34 – Jeff Salvail

    Ottawhat #34 – Jeff Salvail

    Check out this week’s episode of the Ottawhat? podcast. New every Thursday! In this episode, we sat down with Jeff Salvail, a physicist who has worked with quantum based technology and who also has a love for lasers. Ottawhat #34 – Jeff Salvail

  • Ottawhat #33 – Kate Morin

    Ottawhat #33 – Kate Morin

    Check out this week’s episode of the Ottawhat? podcast. New every Thursday! This week, we sat down with Kate Morin, a music therapist who grew up in Ottawa and now lives in Halifax. Ottawhat #33 – Kate Morin