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  • Voicemail, Feedback, Future Chat and Ottawhat? (April 15-21)

    Lots going on at Unwind Media this week! I also finally closed down robattrell.com and moved that site over to this blog (which means that I now get a bunch of spam traffic here :(. I also FINALLY updated my voicemail message, which I also put online for your listening pleasure. In case it wasn’t […]

  • East Meets West #2 – The Blob of Parties

    This week on East Meets West, we discuss the relative merits of various blender technologies, and learn a little bit about the history of provincial government in Alberta. East Meets West #2 – The Blob of Parties

  • Fake It Show #6 – The Pentatoque

    +Mike Attrell and +Nick Maddox from +Future Chat joined me to chat in lieu of talking about science and technology this week. We learned a little bit about the old testament, talked about where our energy goes, and shamed people who shoot vertical videos.6: The Pentatoque