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  • My Student Debt

    My Student Debt

    Mo’ money…mo’ problems, said no one, ever. Another quick thought: I have been out of school for 3 years (completed all requirements in Dec. 2011). I wasn’t particularly careful with money during my 5 years of schooling, but I wasn’t wasteful either, and I also worked for most of that time. I amassed just over […]

  • Ottawhat #40 – David Narbaitz (Monopolatte)

    Ottawhat #40 – David Narbaitz (Monopolatte)

    David Narbaitz is the founder and owner of Monopolatte, the first board game cafe in Ottawa. Episode #40 – David Narbaitz (of @Monopolatte) http://t.co/2rgVLDR8de #ottcity— Ottawhat? (@ottawhatpodcast) February 19, 2015

  • Attrell Update – This is Unwind Media!

    Attrell Update – This is Unwind Media!

    This week on +Attrell Update, I introduce my media enterprise, UnwindMedia.com! This is also a chance for a year-in-review media empire-wise. Exciting stuff! You can join the Unwind Media Facebook group at http://facebook.com/groups/unwindmedia or follow us on Twitter @UnwindMedia. If you want to keep up with these videos, click on our picture in the top right of the…