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  • My 2016 (As of January 29)

    When I set out to make more in 2016, I did so with the goal of finding work and fulfilling my creative pursuits. It’s only been 29 days so far this year, but I have already learned a ton from this experiment. I’ve been taking more pictures, making all kinds of podcasts, and writing every […]

  • Ottawhat 89 – Mike Holuj (January 28)

    This week on the podcast, we met our new Ottawhat News writer, Mike Holuj. He’s a pretty cool, and seemingly very busy, dude.

  • 6 Months of Weight Loss (January 27)

    This week, unless something goes horribly wrong, I will formally hit the goal weight that I set back at the end of June. This doesn’t technically count as ‘making something’, but it definitely took a lot of work. Anyhow, writing about it and posting about it and talking about it all the time has been…