Feedback 8 Video | Electric Love (January 22)

For episode 8 of Feedback, which came out last week, Damien and BL played Electric Love by B├śRNS! I really try to capture what it’s like to have these guys play for you from 5 feet away when I’m working on capturing sound and video, and it really helps that they’re just so good at performing!

As we first announced last week, you can also go and check out the music from Feedback Season 1. Go check it out, you’ll be able to support Feedback, get BL and Damien on your iPod or anywhere on the go!

Ottawhat 88 | Kelly Ann Wilson (January 21)

On the Ottawhat podcast this week, we interviewed singer-songwriter Kelly Ann Wilson. It was really cool getting a look at the process of performing and putting an album together in a musical family, and hearing from somebody who has spent her whole life in what I’ll call ‘rural Ottawa’.

Kelly Ann also debuted her latest music video for the song ‘Clean’, which you can check out over on the podcast page.