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  • Handoff for iTunes | iMore

    I’d love to be able to start a playlist on my Mac and then walk away, pick up my iPhone, swipe, and keep right on listening. So true. I (and Rene) have been saying this for a few years at least. This is the dream, and it’s sooooo close with Handoff, just not for iTunes. […]

  • Feedback 8 Video | Electric Love (January 22)

    Feedback 8 Video | Electric Love (January 22)

    For episode 8 of Feedback, which came out last week, Damien and BL played Electric Love by BØRNS! I really try to capture what it’s like to have these guys play for you from 5 feet away when I’m working on capturing sound and video, and it really helps that they’re just so good at…

  • Ottawhat 88 | Kelly Ann Wilson (January 21)

    Ottawhat 88 | Kelly Ann Wilson (January 21)

    On the Ottawhat podcast this week, we interviewed singer-songwriter Kelly Ann Wilson. It was really cool getting a look at the process of performing and putting an album together in a musical family, and hearing from somebody who has spent her whole life in what I’ll call ‘rural Ottawa’. Kelly Ann also debuted her latest…