A New Podcast

It’s a special week here, celebrating a new series, Mind Grapes!

The first video will be coming out tomorrow (September 15), and it’s all about my adventure seeing the total solar eclipse this summer.

In the meantime, I’ve published a short podcast episode (it’s literally 3 minutes) talking about my plans and goals for the website and YouTube channel, which you can find at its permanent home: unwindmedia.com/seedsofthought.

Come back tomorrow to find out some of the interesting science of a solar eclipse.

Podcasts Like ‘Serial’ Are Encouraging Literacy

[L]istening, unlike looking at a written page, is more active, since the brain has to process the information at the pace it is played.” My student Roberto offered similar insight: “I think it helps me out with my reading since I have to keep a pace up.”

Huh, turns out the best ways for kids to learn aren’t determined by a group of adults telling them what’s best, kids (like everybody) are going to learn best when given options and a choice. And just like I always say, podcasts are a great way to learn and take in new information, and listening isn’t nearly as much work as reading.

And if learning is work, you’re much less likely to want to keep doing it.

> Why Podcasts Like ‘Serial’ Are Helping English Teachers Encourage Literacy – The Atlantic