Tag: Reflection

  • I’m probably not allergic to peanuts because I love them so much

    The early introduction of peanut to the diets of infants at high-risk of developing peanut allergy significantly reduces the risk of peanut allergy until 6 years of age, even if they stop eating peanut around the age of five, according to a new study led by King’s College London. Let’s all talk about something we’ve […]

  • Communication is Broken

    Communication is unbelievably important for a properly functioning society. And after ranting a little on Twitter this morning, now seems like as good a time as any to break down the best communication tools, why they’re good, and what they’re good for. Today’s communication is broken, we can’t talk effectively with the people we’re closest…

  • My 2016 (As of January 29)

    When I set out to make more in 2016, I did so with the goal of finding work and fulfilling my creative pursuits. It’s only been 29 days so far this year, but I have already learned a ton from this experiment. I’ve been taking more pictures, making all kinds of podcasts, and writing every…