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  • My ‘New Media’ Obsession (January 24)

    My ‘New Media’ Obsession (January 24)

    These are just a few of the shows I used to watch. News broadcasts, TV shows, movies, podcasts, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, editorials, thinkpieces, press releases. There are so many different kinds of media, and there’s more than any one person could ever consume of any one of them. There are also sciences, sports, arts, technologies, […]

  • The Internet’s Gatekeepers can do better (January 18)

    The Internet’s Gatekeepers can do better (January 18)

    Another internet company took an unlimited plan and added asterisks to it. This time, it’s Karma Mobility. We made a mistake. We modeled Neverstop usage to be much higher than usage on Refuel. But we never anticipated that some customers would use over 1,000GB a month. They aren’t the first company to choose to throttle…

  • Losing Weight, When You’re Lazy (January 13)

    Losing Weight, When You’re Lazy (January 13)

    “Play to your strengths” is the advice given to Harry Potter during the Triwizard Tournament, and it’s invaluable insight is applicable not just to facing dragons in a magical school. When I set out to improve my health last summer, I knew it would take more than some kind of amazing burst of willpower. I…