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  • Geeking out in Wyoming – My 2017 Eclipse Story

    Geeking out in Wyoming – My 2017 Eclipse Story

    To celebrate the launch of the new Thought Grapes YouTube channel and the new Seeds of Thought podcast (including the first episode here), here’s a collection of my experiences from Idaho/Wyoming before, during, and after the 2017 solar eclipse.

  • Carbs are getting in the way of healthy eating

    Canadians heeded the exhortation to reduce fat and reduced their fat intake to 31 per cent by 2004. But during this time, obesity rates spiked, which suggests that dietary fat is not a “primary contributing factor” in obesity, said the report. I got healthy (and lost 45 pounds in the last 8 months) but not…

  • So…Cold-fX is BS

    “The study actually showed the placebo to be more effective at relieving (some) cold symptoms than Cold-fX.” In something surely nobody could have seen coming, it looks like there’s a non-zero chance anybody who purchased Cold-fX as a cold or flu remedy could be able to join a class-action suit in order to get some…