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  • Day 2 Of My Soylent Adventure

    Day 2 Of My Soylent Adventure

    For some context, yesterday was the first day I tried the futuristic food product called Soylent. It is a food product, not a supplement, so you can survive off this stuff. You can check out my experiences on Day 1 right here, and below, you’ll find my thoughts and feelings, and calorie math about Day […]

  • Startups and Summertime (June 18-23)

    Startups and Summertime (June 18-23)

    Not a whole lots to say this week, except that my order of Soylent has made it to Ottawa, and is waiting for me at the Canada Post office by my house for pickup. I am excited to give it a try, and hope to write and talk about it a whole bunch very soon!…

  • Soylent, Apple Watch and #DistractinglySexy

    Soylent, Apple Watch and #DistractinglySexy

    The entire Unwind Media library is now available on SoundCloud. We did it! Anyhow, now that the transformation of all the shows is complete, a lot more time just opened up for interesting new things…who knows what this summer will bring? Today, I ordered a 7-day supply of Soylent from a California company called Rosa…