Back from the Dead

Hello friends and acquaintances,

I know it has been quite some time since I last posted anything at all, so an update on my life is most definitely in order. Quite a bit has changed since January when I last posted.

For starters, I enjoyed an excellent 6-month stint at Canada Computers, but I have officially left the company, starting my summer this past weekend, and my first day as what I’m describing as self-employment was June 11th! While I don’t as of yet have any concrete plans for the summer, I have a lot I am looking forward to accomplishing, which brings me to the most significant news:

I am currently signed up to take another degree in computer science in the fall, with the intent of applying for medical school to start in September of 2013. While the odds of my getting into medical school are very low (160/~3000), it is something I would kick myself if I didn’t try. In taking this computer science degree, I am also adding a minor in biology, which will allow me to register in classes which are prerequisities for medical school. It would also allow me to try my hand at biology, something in which I have long had an interest but have never really pursued with any conviction.

While the long term goal of this degree is attempting to get into medical school, I have also found that I very much enjoy web design, computer science, and the technology sector in general. For the better part of two years I have made significant inroads into computer science, though it is something I have enjoyed for my whole life. I finding that while trying to live (go to school full-time, working 40 hours a week) it is extremely difficult to pursue other areas of interest like computer science, and so I am dedicating a period of my life (be it only 4 months, or 8 months, up to 2 or 3 years) to the sole pursuit of formally getting educated in CS. While attaining my degrees in chemistry, I found that it was easiest for me to learn in a formal university environment, and I will cherish the opportunity to do so starting this September. The task of finding a job will still be in the back of my mind, but I will not be focused on it, career will be an ever present end goal that can be accomplished in many different ways in many different fields. I hope that while I take this summer off to recuperate and refocus my energies on my own interests, I can continue to look for jobs in my fields of interest and experience, while still maintaining time for leisure, and things like blogging, and web design, which I find fascinating and need to continue to learn more about.

Finally, before I conclude this post, I have recently come to the realization that I need personal business cards. I am 23 years old (about 2 weeks from turning 24) and I had an embarrassing encounter wherein I had to choose between letting a potential contact walk away and into thin air, or write my contact info down on a scrap of paper (something I hope to never have to do). I chose to stand there awkwardly looking around for a better idea, until he gave me his business card about 5 seconds too late (I contacted him but have not heard back, for reasons which are pretty obvious to me). Needless to say, I need business cards. If anybody knows a good place to do this, or has any tips on making personal (aka not for a specific business necessarily) please let me know. For the record, I am set on not including any Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics on these cards, so do not suggest that.

I hope you will hear from me again soon, I look to make these posts (though shorter than this) an almost daily experience for you. Let me know if you have any requests for things you’d like to hear, I am not going to limit myself to any particular thread of conversation right now, but I do have a particular fascination with anything in the tech world, though my range of experience in life does extend beyond that.

Signing off, hopefully for much shorter than last time,


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