Hangout: Saturday, December 1st @ 1PM – Smartphones

Alright, the date is almost upon us. In trying to prepare for the discussion, I think it would do well to come up with some sample topics. I could probably talk about cell phones for hours on end myself, but that just would not be interesting to anyone but me! I think it would be better with some audience participation, but I only get ideas from you guys. Luckily for me, I have had enough conversations about smartphones that there should be plenty to talk about.

First of all, there are a large number of ways people could be using their phones that they simply don’t know about. There are also hundreds of little helpful features that modern cell phones come with to make everyday life easier and simpler. I would like to share a few of these that I’ve found over the years, as well as perhaps hearing from some of you, if anyone has a neat tip for smartphone users who are maybe less comfortable than they could be.

Second, I know I want to open up a little discussion about cell phone contracts. Obviously, there are some upsides to signing onto three year plans with your favourite cell provider, but there are also a few pitfalls, and things to watch out for. I will share some of my “horror” stories with cell phone contracts, and I’d love to hear if anybody else has any interesting stories.

Next, as I have written about on a few occasions, I would also like to discuss the differences between the various cell phones available on the market today. I have no intention of starting a flame war, as I have no problem with Android or Windows Phone, but having done considerable research on iPhone, I would like to share some reasons why I chose them over my other options.

There are also a few other discussions that I feel would fit well with this theme, like tablets (their uses and function, how they are, or should be, used), phone cases (both form and function, and the look of a phone in a case versus the protection it gives), apps (from must-haves, to ones that are great every once in a while), and lastly perhaps a discussion about the future of smartphones, Google Glass(es) for example.

As I mentioned before, if you have any input, please don’t hesitate to make it known to me, and I will be sure to discuss any questions people bring up as well.

Lastly, on the topic of signing up for, or using Google+, the registration process is quite straightforward at, so I won’t bother explaining too much, but once you have signed up, if you add me to one of your circles (there is a link to my profile on the right of this page) you will be able to access the hangout from a desktop computer when it comes up. I will also be posting the live link to watch the video, if you don’t feel like participating, about 10-15 before the hangout, so you can follow along). I incorrectly stated that you will be able to join the video chat from your phone, this is not yet possible for this type of broadcast, but hopefully it will be added soon.

Currently the time for the broadcast sits at 1PM, and I will be sure to alert everyone should that be delayed at all. I hope to see everyone tomorrow!


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