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Hey guys,

It’s really nice to be back in the writer’s chair (it’s just my regular chair) after a brief sojourn from blogging, we simply MUST do this more often!

I come to you today, of all days, with a call for a sanity check. February 14th is Valentine’s Day, more commonly known as the day that (presumably) causes more fights between couples than any other day. And if it doesn’t cause fights, at least it generally breeds discontentment. I hope to give my views on the day, as well as to show a glimmer of hope, as long as we all can keep composed and not lose our minds (I’m looking at you, girls).

Anyhow, if you have entered almost any retail establishment today, or even in the weeks leading up to today, you have no doubt been bombarded with a visual assault of hearts, flowers, and chocolate, guilting you into splurging on something for that special someone in your life. Single people, here it would be most helpful if you didn’t complain how today is stupid, it defeats the whole purpose of this exercise, pretend instead that you are picturing a day in a year when you did have a romantic partner in your life. Another option is to imagine the person you WOULD be showering with gifts and love, if you had the balls to tell them you like them (you know who you are!).

Personally, I have never been big on the spirit of the “holiday” itself. I see it mainly for what it is, a commercialization of an historic character marketed to convince people that they should determine their emotional connection with another person based on the worth and thought put in to gifts for that person. This seems like a huge issue to me, as a person who is (generally) caring 365.25 days of the year. Suddenly I feel external pressure to spend large amounts of my hard-earned money showing somebody I care deeply about them, specifically out of the blue on this one day per year.

My beautiful girlfriend (who I don’t need to name, because if you’re reading this, odds are you know me) is a very private person who doesn’t like grand, public displays of affection. She, like me, thinks that flowers are a silly purchase for ~$50/dozen on the days leading up to Feb. 14th. However, I still feel compelled to get as many as I can afford for her, just as I’m sure she will feel a little thorn when I see her today and I don’t have a big bouquet of flowers waiting for her. Even if either of us puts any worth into this day, we still expect SOMETHING just because that is how the human brain works.

Unfortunately, marketers know this, and so advertisers play this card at every single opportunity. That being said, I would like to take the thought and effort that would otherwise go into an elaborate, bountiful arrangement of delicious chocolate and flowering roses, and put it into a note, addressed publicly to my favourite person in the whole wide world. You tell me which is worth more.

You are a spectacular, perfect angel in human form.

Your beauty transcends space and time, because I can see and feel it everywhere I am.

I love every single thing about you, even your flaws, small as they are, make my heart’s pace quicken.

When you enter a room, my entire person is completely entranced by you, and remains so until you leave it.

I could spend every single day with you, and my only wish would be for more. My love for you grows stronger each day, and will continue to grow tomorrow.

I am ready to care for you when you are sick, to celebrate and mourn the good and the bad with you, for as long as it takes until you are completely mine, and I am yours.

Hearing your voice is enough to make all of my cares disappear like in a cool spring breeze.

I am so lucky to be with a smart, quick, funny, beautiful, witty, caring, purpose-driven, loving, sexy woman like you, and I cannot imagine what life without you would be like.

I hope you can forgive me for not getting you flowers 🙂

Happy Valentines Day, my love!


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