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Hello everybody,

An idea has come to me in the last few days that I’d really like to bring up with you. I’m just going to leave it here, and if you are interested in participating/partaking, please leave me a comment, either here, or on a social network.

I have MANY ideas for blog posts/essays that I would really love to write, but they always end up getting bogged down in worries that they are not appropriate for the medium they are being written in (ie. my blog). I love to write, and there are a lot of important issues we as a society are dealing with every day that I do not think we should be idly watching happen. I really want to get these thoughts out in the open, but I hesitate to publish them in an open, public forum where anybody could just stumble upon them, and I can’t really have much of a chance to give context or make sure my message is really heard.

I am proposing to all of you reading this a private reading group, where I can distribute stories and essays to a small group of people I trust and whose opinions I value. There, these stories would be open to proposed comments, corrections, contributions, counters and criticisms, in a safe, judgment free zone. Basically it is a spot where you can read and enjoy things I have been wanting to write for a very long time, but might not be appropriate for public forum in their current form.

If anybody reading this would like to participate in this pilot project, please let me know (if for whatever reason you would prefer, feel free to send me a private message, either by email or via another message service, or bring it up to me in person. I can also foresee this as being a forum where multiple people can contribute written pieces, if they feel the same as me and are looking for a more private place to voice thoughts to people they trust.

I will be using Google Drive to house this forum, although I am open to other distribution systems.

I look forward to hearing from interested parties.

Thanks friends!


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