Attrell Update

Hey sister (and to anybody else reading this),

As you are well aware, you’re not living in Canada right now. In fact, you’re actually studying in Dijon, France right now. What you might NOT have known, is that since we stopped living together (when I moved away for school) is that I’ve been missing you (a lot!) and wishing I had a good way to keep up with your life.

What I’m proposing is pretty simple really: we keep YouTube video journals, updated weekly, that let the other know what is going on in our lives, or just talks about anything we want! Really, the video above explains it all.

I made a YouTube channel for us (here, or here: +Attrell Update) and I’ll let you start the proceedings. Let me know which day of the week you’d like to take to post your video, and I’ll pick one that’s on the other side of the week.

I got the inspiration for this idea from two brothers, John and Hank Green, doing a similar project for the last few years (+vlogbrothers) and they have really gotten to have fun with it, and I think we can do the same!

See you very soon, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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