Things I Don’t Like About Facebook

Things I Don’t Like About Facebook

In no particular order…

1. When you posted a link to a video in previous iterations of Facebook, it would give you a big beautiful image of the thumbnail for the video, along with the title and a little text. NOW, when you post a video, you get a small, square thumbnail that crops out the sides of the image, and the post is mostly text.

This change was made to promote Facebook’s own video service, which isn’t even a video service, but now only videos uploaded directly to Facebook will get a nice, good-looking video player that will play on the site (automatically, by default). Facebook is not a video site, you don’t need to make it one!

2. When you post something as a Facebook page, only about 10% of people who follow your page will actually see it via that post. You have the option to spend money to “promote” that post, but otherwise the vast majority of people who have subscribed to see updates from your page will not see anything you post.

This is actually true of regular people posting things as well. Facebook now curates your news feed so much (because people have so many Facebook friends this is the only way to do it and stay sane), but the result is that because people don’t want to feel guilty about un-friending, we all have such massive friends lists that it’s impossible for you to see all of those updates without being driven insane.

*I haven’t tried this myself, but it seems to me that creating a Facebook group for your brand or product is the way to go, when people join a group, they get notified about every post by default, which I think is the behaviour most people would expect when following a thing on Facebook.

3. Facebook has a system in place where people can basically turn their accounts into Twitter accounts, allowing friends of friends, or strangers, to follow their public updates. Since 99+% of people don’t know about this excellent feature, I’m unable to follow really interesting people I don’t necessarily want to be “friends” with. If this feature were better advertised, Facebook would be a much better social network.
Go to to see what I’m talking about.


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