3 Things That Happened This Week (& Social News)

Since Future Chat is still on haitus until April, we only had one show last week, but it was a really great episode of Ottawhat with Waubgeshig Rice from CBC Ottawa! This week proper, I chatted with Nick about my experiences on Universal Time (aka GMT) and how living 4 hours in the future is making my life better in some pretty interesting ways, and confuses everyone around me. We also sat down with Jantine Van Kregten from Ottawa Tourism on Ottawhat to learn how our city encourages people to visit, and helps them out once they’re here. Interesting stuff and a great interview!

We also underwent a nice set of changes at unwindmedia.com, it’s a lot easier to follow and subscribe to shows as they have their own landing pages with show info now. We also added a couple of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for East Meets West (@_emwFM/East Meets West) and Feedback (@_FeedbackFM/Feedback) this week (we also moved Future Chat’s Twitter account to @_FutureChatFM), you can follow or like those to keep up with news for those shows specifically.

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This week, daylight savings woes, Nick’s massive Canadian Election blog oeuvre, and faux punditry among the Conservative elite. Should Alberta collect sales tax? We think so!
In this episode, we talked to Jantine Van Kregten, the incredibly knowledgable director of communications at Ottawa Tourism.

In this episode, we sat down with Waubgeshig Rice. He’s a video journalist working for the CBC in Ottawa, he’s published a book of short stories and last year put out a novel called Legacy.


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