This Week in Unwind Media (March 2-9)

This week on Unwind Media, we bring Season 1 of Future Chat to a close. The show will start back up with Season 2 in April, see you then! Thanks for listening and look forward to some big news stuff in the coming months!

I don’t think posting EVERY thing I do on this blog and on its own site, so I’m going to give the “synopsis” type post a shot for a while. Let me know if you think this is a good idea, or if you think it’s a mistake. I’m all for the feedback!

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This week, daylight savings woes, Nick’s massive Canadian Election blog oeuvre, and faux punditry among the Conservative elite. Should Alberta collect sales tax? We think so!
This week, we sat down with comedian Colin Giles, who has been contributing to our Classic Ottawa segment for the last few weeks. He’s part of two improv troupes, EFT Improv and Hall of Justice, and has also been putting his energy into writing comedy.
In this episode, we discuss Canadian Open Source science research, updates to nuclear fusion, and dwarf planets. And much, much more!

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