Voicemail, Feedback, Future Chat and Ottawhat? (April 15-21)

Lots going on at Unwind Media this week! I also finally closed down robattrell.com and moved that site over to this blog (which means that I now get a bunch of spam traffic here :(.

I also FINALLY updated my voicemail message, which I also put online for your listening pleasure. In case it wasn’t obvious from the message, I don’t like voicemail very much.

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This month on Feedback, we discuss the good and bad kinds of music hipster, how bands can successfully or unsuccessfully change their sound over time, and…

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In this episode, we sat down with Drew McFadyen from Grimprov Ottawa, a local long-form improvisational comedy troupe. We learned about the various ways i…
This week on Future Chat, we were joined by a special guest, Christopher Johnson! We talked about the Apple Watch try-ons and Apple Pay, NASA and SpaceX, and the intersection of politics and new media.


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