Website 2.0 is in Private Beta! 2.0 is almost upon us!

As I mentioned yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, there’s a medium/big re-skin of coming very soon. I’ve been researching podcast network websites and taking cues from some of my favourites, and there’s also some brand new custom code pulling strings behind the scene to make adding new shows and hosts much easier should that ever be a thing that needs to happen. These changes would also make moving websites much more straightforward, in case THAT is a thing that ever needs to happen.

Below, you’ll find links to Future Chat and Ottawhat as always, and if you’ve been waiting patiently for Feedback: The Music (I know I have), we want to take some time to really get it right. Hopefully there will be more to share soon!

On this episode, we sat down with Megan Honey, an up-and-coming standup comedian who will be competing this summer in a couple of comedy contests at Absol…
In this episode, we discussed T-Mobile’s new Uncarrier US-Canada-Mexico roaming plans, Sweden buying trash from Norway, and Mike doesn’t believe you could…


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