Future Chat 77 – So Much Swiping (BONUS: Snapchat after-show)

*The Snapchat portion of the after-show begins around 1:34:15*

Future Chat is a really fun part of each week for me. Sometimes, we’ve ended up kind of regurgitating the news and not really getting too in-depth in discussion. That didn’t happen this week.

We ended up having really great conversations about the future of science in Canada (something we talked about a LOT last summer in our government funding of science episode). Then we talked in depth about the new BlackBerry phone, and some interesting points about tradeoffs you make in choosing BlackBerry and the likelihood of its success in Canada. Then we talked about a few stories relating to different renewable and non-renewable energy around the world, in Morocca, Kenya and China.

Perhaps my favourite part of the whole show though, was at the very end. Mike tried to figure out Snapchat when he first got it, but since the conceit of the app is lost on those who weren’t in the their teens when it was released, he was having trouble. We explain how the app works, and I really hope if you haven’t given it a try, that you will consider checking it out. If you do have Snapchat, go ahead and add me (sciencerob), Mike (ma_yyc) and Nick (nwamaddox), and we’ll surely all have a great time! The Snapchat discussion starts around 1:34:15, I highly encourage you to listen. It’s fun and informative.


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