More than I can chew? Nah… (January 2)

One of the first things that happens when you start a big project with repeating deadlines, like a challenge to make something online every day for a year, is realizing just how much work it’s going to be. Yeah, I can write something on January 1st, and hit publish, but Day 1 is literally going to be the easiest day.

If I want this year-long project to be remotely interesting, I’m going to have to lay some groundwork. This is going to take work on some days that doesn’t pay off right away. For instance, today I recorded a podcast and a bunch of music for my podcast Feedback. It’s going to take several hours of work to put together any of the pieces of what I recorded, and that recording itself took about 3 hours all told.

Recording this month’s episode of Feedback with my musical friends.

Another thing that will make this project a failure is if I can’t live my life at all while I’m doing it. I want to spend time with my friends and my family too. But I will have to make sacrifices. I’m writing this right now while my friends are spending time together, because my commitment to this project is important to me.

I will get better at this. I will put in work in the next few weeks to get out ahead of the project, so if I have a busy day where nothing I’m working on will be done, there will be something I can put up.

I can’t always put out my Titanic, but I promise that I will do everything I can to at least be interesting each day. I will try to give you something to think about, to consider. I’m really excited.

The skills I’ve learned over the last 2-3 years make me incredibly happy, and I can wait to share new things with you. Now, I’m going to head back to my friends, and to go and see Star Wars (finally). Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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