Remembering my first publication (January 9)

Facebook’s “On This Day” mostly serves to cause people to reminisce about the past and re-share posts from years past. For the most part, I do the same thing. Sometimes, though, it really provides some gems.

In this case, I was reminded that my first major academic publication (that I was first author on) was published 4 years ago this week! Thanks to incredible help from my supervisor, Dave Bryce, and the rest of his group, I managed to put together enough research results to finish my thesis and put out this paper.

It was a really great moment for me, and it reminded me just how far I’ve come in the last four years. I’m no longer working in Chemistry, but I still have great memories of doing lab work and research. It was also a really weird feeling when I went and clicked on the link, and would have had to pay $35 to ‘rent’ my results for 48 hours.

The fact that all journals charge so much for access to published work just reminds me how far we still have to go with open access. I look forward to the day when all research can be equally accessed by everyone, it will enable research to move that much faster. You can still access the paper if you want, because my old supervisor Dave keeps a copy of all the papers he’s had published on his website, which is pretty cool.


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