Driverless Cars Are Going To Be Here So Fast

[T]he ongoing conversation is good for those who wish to see self-driving cars enter use, a careful analysis of the facts, coupled with an understanding of how similar transitions have played out through history, indicates that the majority of the discussion occurring right now vastly underestimates the speed with which self-driving cars will become the norm and ignores the tectonic shifts the transition will bring to all corners of American life.

Self-driving cars will not only impact transportation, they will change how people feel about their homes, how cities are built, how families stay in touch, where we work and other facets of American life far removed from transportation.

Yes. A lot of people are seriously looking at how we can get self-driving technology into the hands of the masses. Once that starts happening, it’s going to accelerate at an unbelievable pace. Think about smart phones. The iPhone was released in 2007, with Android coming soon after. That was less than 10 years ago and almost everybody in the first world has a smartphone now.

With the massive infrastructure changes that can be made with transportation overhauls that are enabled by self-driving vehicles, the entire world is going to change so quickly. I’m not entirely convinced its all for the best, but we’ll be smack dab in the middle of it before you can honk your horn.

This whole TechCrunch piece is great and really detailed, and I’d strongly recommend reading it if you’re looking for some hardcore data about how driving really drives our modern world.

> Driving the new American century | TechCrunch


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