How Much Should Free Tuition Cost?

I don’t think many people – other than say, the Canadian Federation of Students and their wilder-eyed allies – genuinely believe that tuition for children of wealthier families should be free. Most people agree that there should be some sort of net price slope, running from zero for students from poorer families and upwards as family income increases. There’s no consensus about where the threshold for going above zero is, and no consensus about what the grade of the slop should be. That’s mostly because we’ve never had data to look at the question properly before.

I hope people agree with this, if you make more money, you pay a little more, and if you barely make enough to survive, that shouldn’t stop your kids getting a university education if they’ve earned it. I like this kind of argument because it moves us past the “should we do this” and on to the much more important “how much help do people need.”

It’s a step in the right direction!

> The Coming Cost Debate in Ontario | HESA


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