A couple of examples of dumpster fires.

That Washington Post Story About Canadian Democracy

A couple of days ago, the Washington Post published an opinion piece about the actual state of democracy in Canadian government that I disagreed with. I didn’t have the knowledge or time to back that up in any kind of concrete way, but most of it just didn’t make any sense.

One day later, Drew Brown at Vice published a piece that directly responded to the opinion of J.J. McCullough, and I am hoping to point people to that piece, since it did such a great job of thoroughly and thoughtfully debunking almost every single thing I felt was wrong in the original letter.

I know in my heart that while Canadian government is not perfect (as Drew readily admits too), it takes a massively crooked perspective to twist words like J.J. does to make Justin Trudeau and his party seem like dictatorial despots.

Please go and read the Vice News piece: We Have Problems With that Washington Post Story About Canadian Democracy for some refreshingly neutral information on the strengths and weaknesses of the Canadian parliamentary system. It’s worth your time.

PS. I’m not going to get any timelier chance to use the image in the header again, so you’re welcome.

Actual examples of dumpster fires.


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