Proposition 19: Immigration

How many immigrants does Canada currently admit per year? Does that include refugees who are immigrating to Canada out of necessity? This is information I could really use to help answer this question. Many people like to say that “America is full” (North and Sound America), but if people are being honest, that’s just bullshit.

We learned in high school in Alberta that the average population density of Canada is about 3 people per sq/km. Considering that almost everybody in Canada is crammed within 100 km of the US border, I absolutely believe that’s still basically unchanged, regardless of the amount of immigration we have in Canada.

It’s been shown through research that immigration helps the economy, and getting exposed to new and different cultures from our own really broadens our horizons and makes us better people, something which is sorely needed in North America today.

We should honestly take it as a huge compliment that people want to live here, and given that we already have a system in place to make sure that the people immigrating here aren’t escaped criminals, or anything remotely like that, I think we should be open to letting even more people in every year than we currently do. Canada isn’t full, and the more people come here, the more work there is to be done, so we shouldn’t be afraid to have a few more helping hands.

Summary: I wish I had information about how much immigration Canada currently has while answering this question, and I would like to know the plans of each of the parties if elected, mostly to put the rhetoric of those parties in context.

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