Proposition 3: Child Care

This particular question is framed poorly in that given the way I feel, it presents the participant with a flawed premise. The way I read it, it’s asking whether I think the money that currently goes to parents (the Canada Child Benefit?) should instead go to child care centres to let parents who want to work the flexibility to do so.

However, my particular opinion is that the Canada Child Benefit is great, but having the government subsidize child care in addition would really benefit parents too, especially those who might not be able to afford child care otherwise (it’s HECKA expensive).

Answering ‘disagree’, like I did, could reasonably be interpreted as meaning that I think money should continue to be given directly to parents instead of going to child care centres. But in my case, I don’t think it should be a ‘one or the other’, I think parents should have affordable ways to make sure their kids are in a safe and engaging atmosphere during the day if they want to work (until kids go to school).

I find that with a lot of these questions, with the way they’re phrased, the most ‘extreme’ positions aren’t addressed at all, or the problem space the question addresses can’t be answered with a one-dimensional ‘agree/disagree’ scale.

Summary: I support the ability for parents to receive cash each month to help raise their kids (dependent on income), AND the ability to access subsidized (affordable) child care if they need or want it. Not everybody has other options.

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