Proposition 7: Unions

As somebody who’s literally never been part of a union or been in a situation where one impacted me directly, information-wise I’m not really sure how much influence this question assumes unions have now. There are all kinds of small up to very large unions who have almost no sway or who control or influence everything about their industries.

The majority of the work unions do, as I understand it, is to protect their individual members from being taken advantage of by more powerful ownership. In that sense, standing up for the little guy, I don’t see how a union becoming ‘too influential’ is even possible, because at that point they’d basically have to be running the organization itself, and then you’d need a union within the union, right?

In any case, unions seem like a good thing, so I’m not even sure how limiting their influence through policy would work. Maybe I’m just naive, in which case I really hope somebody can fill me in.

Summary: This question assumes knowledge of unions that I don’t have, and I don’t know what laws exist that would limit the influence of unions, but I think that they’re very important and nobody who wants to be part of or form a union should be stopped for it by company ownership.

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