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  • Propositions 31 & 32 (QOTD): Religious Symbols Ban

    I hate this new law so much. It’s so clear from the way it was put in place and the way it’s been defended that it’s just about racism against Middle Eastern people, mostly women specifically. The two ‘Questions of the Day’ when I took the Vote Compass were all about this law, and though […]

  • Proposition 30: Religious Minorities

    This is a weird question for me, and because there’s no context, I’m also going to call it a bad question. How much are we saying is currently done to ‘accommodate’ religious minorities, because from my perspective it doesn’t seem like much outside of the bare minimum (for a secular state which for Christianity has…

  • Proposition 29: Carbon Tax

    As a planet, we need concrete ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and research has shown that taxing pollution in this way is a good way to curb emissions. I think this question is still OK because it again gives a solid agree/disagree, but the idea of a ‘carbon tax’, and especially the specific…