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  • Propositions 31 & 32 (QOTD): Religious Symbols Ban

    I hate this new law so much. It’s so clear from the way it was put in place and the way it’s been defended that it’s just about racism against Middle Eastern people, mostly women specifically. The two ‘Questions of the Day’ when I took the Vote Compass were all about this law, and though […]

  • Proposition 10: Quebec Separatism (2)

    Since I’m not particularly interested in the nuances of provinces joining and leaving Canada, this question is effectively the same as Proposition 6 for me, except that it doesn’t take any kind of slant. I have no opinion about whether Quebec should separate from the rest of Canada, except that I think it’s kind of…

  • Proposition 6: Quebec Separatism

    Oooh, another question I like (in that it’s basically a yes/no)! I mean, to be honest, I think it would be silly for Quebec to separate from Canada (is that what ‘formally recognized as a nation’ means), but if they really want to do that, I don’t personally have a good reason not to let…