Proposition 20: Military Spending

As I’ve said before, I don’t like war/violence, but I understand it’s necessary to a certain extent. I don’t know exactly how much Canada spends on its military each year, but I have no doubt it’s a lot. Canada has a lot of peace-keeping forces, and we have a lot of allies who we support in different battles around the world.

All of that being said, however, I think there is a lot of military spending that could probably be reduced over time, especially on things which are becoming or have become obsolete, like older jets or helicopters (I admit I have almost no knowledge in this area).

Summary: Once again, this question really makes me yearn for more information about the amount of money we spend (as a percentage of GDP, maybe) on the military, and what we get out of that. I think that information would go a long way towards informing people as to how they should feel about military spending.

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Foreign policy is a literal minefield

Growing up, learning about geography and studying the world and the countries in it, we fail to really capture just how transient some parts of the world can really be.

I definitely had no idea just how in flux this area of the Middle East has been, since our maps don’t really update often enough to capture the new areas popping up, and even if they did, Google Maps isn’t going to send a push notification saying ‘New Territory Settled – Click to view’. It’s terrible and fascinating, all at the same time, considering the reasons for this particular set of borders.